Thursday, 28 June 2012

We went to the zoo

My friend Lune and I went to a zoo :) All I could think about was how much I do not like animals in captivity and the movie "We bought a zoo". I must say, I have not seen the movie but the visit has caused me to want to eagerly raid a DVD shop in search of it. On the zoo visit part, I liked it, but I was disappointed not to see any giraffes (my favourite animal) but the highlight was the leopards (I was in awe). In the back of my mind, I could not help but think what a beautiful coat they would make (I must admit this mentally is absolutely WRONG!!! I want my unborn twins to one day see them so I should stop thinking like this).

There was this baboon who was standing on the tower who in my view represented solitude and peace. I was absolutely in love. This reminded me of my childhood dream of wanting to be a vet and my desire to look after animals and care for nature. So, in the spirit of my birthday month and beyond, I will do my utmost best to be environmentally responsible and to encourage others to stop killing wild animals.

(images from my camera)

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