Saturday, 28 September 2013

Particles & Love

Particles of my life

Summer body

Let just put it out there, I have gained a few kgs as a young working girl. So, I have taken it upon myself to try and get back to my normal weight before Summer starts. I don't have a goal weight but I want to feel lighter and be happier with my body. Bye bye rolls!!! Hello leaner healthier me.

African Print

Monday, 23 September 2013

Intern fever

I must first state;
1. I'm a romantic at heart
2. I don't believe in cyclical dating
3. I tend to live in my own bubble
4. I'm a strong believer in friendship being the most fundamental element of any relationship

Given that vital information, work relationships I have found to be incredible odd and dysfunctional.  There seem to be the let's date the interns or the new girl challenge. I find all these guys suddenly paying extra attention to me, the last time I checked I'm pretty much the same old me; the only difference is, I dress more like a lady less like a rock star. My new found popularity amongst the male specie I do not seem to understand. This has came to a point where some dude kinda-followers me. When my friend and I were doing our usual Nandos round, he walks across the street staring, in halls and passages he stares as well. I'm starting to feel like a painting. Its a little weird, I would love to be left to my own thoughts and to find my feet with this idea of working and studying first. I also so do not believe I will meet my future spouse at work, maybe at a function definitely not a colleague. But then again life is unpredictable....

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Working Girl Favorite things

A list of my current favorite things for attending a work lunch or dinner.

1. Black dresses
2. Gold Statement necklaces
3. Studs, I'm not a big earring girl anymore. For work, simple is best
4. Studded woollies heels
5. My iPad, it's the perfect accessory
6. My watch

Beginner's trouble

When ones leaves varsity, one doesn't expect to create a revolution but to move swiftly in the direction of ones goals to create an impact. In my case, I wanted to do things that mattered, to change a life or two. I didn't want to be stuck in a hole of meaningless work duties. To my parents, they reasoned my work as the impact I'm making, to my mind however,  I'm solely making minimum wage so I can go buy the next pair of shoes. Where did the sole purpose of me getting my self educated become quantifiable with the number of woolies heels I could afford. Did I start off with unrealistic working expectations or did my mind get trapped in my projected outcome. When I try to explain my predicament to the working class, they only state that your generation expect to start at the top. But I fear that we are a little misunderstood in our quest for wanting to create a better possibility of our nations and ourselves. Unless the generation before us, we can state that we are educated, I wouldn't necessary state well educated since South Africa education system is ranked 143 out of 150 countries. But, I can state, we did the best we could under our current predicament. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean we are unable to compete with the rest of the work, we just asking for the right training to be able to move swiftly in the direction of our dreams. Teach us to fly. Then, allow us then find our own routes so that we can live the life of our dreams.