Monday, 23 September 2013

Intern fever

I must first state;
1. I'm a romantic at heart
2. I don't believe in cyclical dating
3. I tend to live in my own bubble
4. I'm a strong believer in friendship being the most fundamental element of any relationship

Given that vital information, work relationships I have found to be incredible odd and dysfunctional.  There seem to be the let's date the interns or the new girl challenge. I find all these guys suddenly paying extra attention to me, the last time I checked I'm pretty much the same old me; the only difference is, I dress more like a lady less like a rock star. My new found popularity amongst the male specie I do not seem to understand. This has came to a point where some dude kinda-followers me. When my friend and I were doing our usual Nandos round, he walks across the street staring, in halls and passages he stares as well. I'm starting to feel like a painting. Its a little weird, I would love to be left to my own thoughts and to find my feet with this idea of working and studying first. I also so do not believe I will meet my future spouse at work, maybe at a function definitely not a colleague. But then again life is unpredictable....

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