Thursday, 29 March 2012

Happy Thursday

Since my diet is going badly, I saw this little post which made me smile. 

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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There is something magical and significant about a young woman who comes into her own and discovers her own voice, her strength and her passion. Who lets nothing and nobody hold her down. Reaching this place is even harder for someone whom society can easily compare and contrast to her sibling. Solange for me currently signifies a young woman who has come into her own. She found her own strength and dared to be different and be a phenomenal young woman. She defines her own career and she is doing what she loves. I love her blog which is a testimony of her life and style.   \

Sexy Eyes

I recently bought Woolies false eyelashes for R10 at the R25 or less sale. I have been looking at them for a few days now, wondering how the heck I will use them without poking my eye out or even worse even up with unsexy red eyes just because I want Kim Kardashian eyes. I really hope they look more natural and less like I am about to fly. For the total effect (Kim Karshashian eyes) I figured I might as well find a great make-up visual tutorial which will enhance my eyes and give me a whole lot of Vava-Voom. Check the tutorial below from which should assist in enhancing THE LOOK.     

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Monday, 26 March 2012


Have you seen those movies where your hair is blown by the wind and its moving in a sexy way. Well, my hair doesn't do any of that. It simply stays IN PLACE, hence why I suffer from serious coloured girl hair envy. I know my coloured friends complain about the wind and frizzy hair but its nothing a good blow-out can not fix. You might say the same thing about black hair and relaxer or straightener but truthfully speaking a really good straightener breaks black hair and I love hair natural.  I restrain myself from relaxing my hair which has resulted in my hair ALWAYS being covered- I love how a good weave or nice braids make you feel sexy and confident. However, this has back fired since I am always looking for the next hair do and  I have pretty much tried anything which my stylist and I figured it will suit me. In honor of graduation, I will post up styles which appeal to me. Please keep in mind that EVERYONE rocks some form of weave for graduation and NO ROCKING my natural hair is OUT.  

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Friday, 23 March 2012


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Girl's Night Out

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Happy Friday

I am so cheerful and happy today for a number of reasons 1) I am having carrot cake at 10 am 2) Dr Jones just got me a brownie from the staff party 3) the Post Grad forum is having a "special" speaker who I having been eagerly waiting to meet since Saturday 4) Did I mention its Friday? 5) It's a month until graduation 6) Riri's provocative birthday cake got me singing along!!!! 7) This is post no.27 which is my favourate number :) HAPPY FRIDAY    

Thursday, 22 March 2012


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Black Beautiful Bold

As a dark beauty living during the rise of the yellow bones (light skinned girls), I have to say I appreciate seeing an editorial picture of a beautiful dark skinned girl. To me its stands as a reminder of our differences and how we are meant to celebrate your uniqueness regardless of how the media has created a standardized portal of beauty. 

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Monday!!!!!

"Give a girl the right shoe, and she can conquer the world" 
-Marilyn Monroe 

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My Style

Hey there :) I'm a typical girly girly, as you might have seen. But fashion for me personally is about being timeless, comfortable and being yourself. However, many people do not take this into account when dressing up, for example Lady Gaga and the steak outfit. But then again, it was fun and we now know when you have nothing to wear, any item from your deep-freezer is a TOTALLY viable option. For the average person however, this can not be done....Imagine the meat going off at midday. 

I will mainly focus on my current favorited item.........JEANS :) It's currently what I also wear to campus and everywhere after I decided to simplify my style. For me they say, I cared enough to get up and show up looking like I care even when I don't. They are simple, perfect and currently available in different colors. White however, has a certain target market, do not be disillusioned ladies even if its available in your size. Dark jeans are perfect for dressing up or down, they are flattering to all sizes and with the right heel you can easy transform your look from beach babe to fashionably hot. I am in love with ripped jeans, they are edgy and fun and give the illusion of being a classic piece in your wardrobe.   

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Favourite You-Tube Video

I cannot stop watching Ellen's playlist with Sophia Grace and little Rosie. I love this video and Nicki's reaction and how Sophia Grace gives her a run for her millions.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Power of Words

A wise man once said, its not what you call me but what I answer to that is important. We often forget this, when we relate to ourselves and our friends.Where you call each other by words which lower your own presence in the name of love as well as constantly shooting yourself down just because you do not fit in to a certain mold that the world has created.What we fail to realize is that, words have power. What you constantly tell yourself often comes to pass since it is the message you are constantly sending out to the universe. Therefore I ask you today, just love yourself a little harder because the world will not. Be your own BIGGEST fan and DARE to be different as well as dream BIG. 

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


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Food Heaven

I am not a chocolate kinda girl, I do not really enjoy chocolate unless there are nuts in it. Chocolate to me tastes weird, I instantly feel like I am expanding with every bite, Swiss or German chocolate is an exception to this. This has resulted in me being more inclined to pastries which one could easily point out they are ten times more fattening but when that piece of homemade vanilla cake with icing reaches my lips, a moment of  bliss occurs where the world disappears and its just me and my joy. Pastries set my heart on fire and me run home. Its a little sad that baking is still a mythical creature to me but I will forever love red velvet cake and macaroons.