Monday, 5 March 2012

A little thing called love

It's amazing no matter how long I have not seen my friends, one of the first awkward questions I get is if there is anyone new or special in my life. This is always funny and a little ironic since a friend of mine started "There is a specific time in your life where you are dating your friends, where you are too busy and sometimes not quite bothered to be with anyone but your friends". I truly understood her statement, since after a while you become comfortable with your own existence and statements like "You complete me"  and "My better half" seem nonsensical and a reflection of low self esteem. Do not get me wrong, I am a romantic and stuff like Notting Hill and Young Victoria leave me in tears and my heart pondering on the ideals of  my own Albert. I am always happy for the girl who can find her knight and in most cases just a nice dude who can finds her funny and love her so hard he hardly realizes she is crazy. But a large part of me respect a women who has her own instead of waiting upon someone to change her life and provide for her. If a lady is able to find a guy who can provide, I am happy for her since modern society has taught me that the modern knight and shining armor can be just a retard in tin foil, but then again some genius already stated love is blind!  

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