Monday, 26 March 2012


Have you seen those movies where your hair is blown by the wind and its moving in a sexy way. Well, my hair doesn't do any of that. It simply stays IN PLACE, hence why I suffer from serious coloured girl hair envy. I know my coloured friends complain about the wind and frizzy hair but its nothing a good blow-out can not fix. You might say the same thing about black hair and relaxer or straightener but truthfully speaking a really good straightener breaks black hair and I love hair natural.  I restrain myself from relaxing my hair which has resulted in my hair ALWAYS being covered- I love how a good weave or nice braids make you feel sexy and confident. However, this has back fired since I am always looking for the next hair do and  I have pretty much tried anything which my stylist and I figured it will suit me. In honor of graduation, I will post up styles which appeal to me. Please keep in mind that EVERYONE rocks some form of weave for graduation and NO ROCKING my natural hair is OUT.  

                                (images from google)

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