Monday, 19 March 2012

My Style

Hey there :) I'm a typical girly girly, as you might have seen. But fashion for me personally is about being timeless, comfortable and being yourself. However, many people do not take this into account when dressing up, for example Lady Gaga and the steak outfit. But then again, it was fun and we now know when you have nothing to wear, any item from your deep-freezer is a TOTALLY viable option. For the average person however, this can not be done....Imagine the meat going off at midday. 

I will mainly focus on my current favorited item.........JEANS :) It's currently what I also wear to campus and everywhere after I decided to simplify my style. For me they say, I cared enough to get up and show up looking like I care even when I don't. They are simple, perfect and currently available in different colors. White however, has a certain target market, do not be disillusioned ladies even if its available in your size. Dark jeans are perfect for dressing up or down, they are flattering to all sizes and with the right heel you can easy transform your look from beach babe to fashionably hot. I am in love with ripped jeans, they are edgy and fun and give the illusion of being a classic piece in your wardrobe.   

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