Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Step 7

Get organized! If you aren't organized it is impossible to be successful- both personally and professionally. From my home to my office (check out our supply closet) I am super organized! It's simple- if your stuff is a mess, you are going to be mess. You don't need an assistant or a professional organizer to get your life in order.

1. Take a day (or two or three) to get your life organized. Clean out everything from your desk to your closet. Don't be afraid to throw out what you don't need.

2. Everything should have a place. From my files to my shoes- all of my stuff has a place that it belongs so when I go to look for it, it is always there!

3. It's all about labels (and I'm not talking designer!). I like to label where things go. This way, if anyone else is looking for something, they can find it too. This is especially important if you are working with a team of people.

Being organized is a lifestyle and a way that you need to live if you want to be your own CEO!

Fierce & Love!
Tyra Banks

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