Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Step 2

Build Confidence. When walking into a room, or meeting a new person,
your confidence must shine.  First impressions are key in being your own
CEO. Here are some tips on how to give off a fun, fearless, powerful
woman vibe.

1 -  Flash a Smile. Not one of those
super-fake-"I'm-trying-to-impress-you" smiles, but a
genuine-mouth-closed smile.  It will boost your mood and your attitude.

2.  The Perfect Handshake.
 Use your right hand.  Face your shake-ee
directly.  You need the perfect grip - between overbearing and limp
fish.  Only one to three up and down movements, don't over-do it or
you'll seem overly anxious.

3.  Point Those Pumps. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and point
them at the person you're talking to. Make sure you keep eye-contact

Now go out there and practice these moves! You'll be exuding confidence
in no time.

(Image from Pinterest)

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