Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I have wanted a tattoo as long as I have had my belly-ring. I'm afraid to get one since it's like a good marriage, it lasts forever. For me a tattoo is an art as well as a message you are sending out to the whole world about who you are and what you been through. I am not ready for that yet nor have I met a tattoo that tells my story or a story of a friend. The reason I say friend it's because the most memorable tattoo I have come across was one of an umbrella, just above the palm of this girl's hand. It told a story of how her best friend was fighting cancer and getting a tattoo was part of her bucket list as well as a reminder of the people who loved her most. Her closest friends were symbolically represented by the designs in the inner part of the umbrella. I found this story beautiful and its one I carry with me. So, until I can tell my own story or the story of the one I love, I will wait. 

(image from google)

(image from Pinterest)

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