Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I love.......

There are a few things I am crazy about. 1) Red hair, there is something about red hair that makes me feel wild and adventurous 2) The ability to design your own handbag on the Louis Vuitton website as well as personalizing your own golf shirt on the Ralph Lauren website....AMAZEBALLS 3) watches!!! I can not get enough. For me the gift of time surpasses a diamond 4) Red jeans, especially Polo Red Jeans, amazing fit and they feel so great against your skin 5) Pinterest, I love the idea of planning my dream home to my imaginary wedding with a click of a Repin button 6) Hunger Games, you will find me holding pieces of paper almost everywhere I go 7) The Pharmacy below St Annes Hospital!!! They sell everything I like at a bargain :) It's my great little find 8) Leather Jackets 9) My blog, I love the idea of having my own creative space 10) MY FRIENDS!!!!! They are amazing :) 11) Adele 12) THIS photo of Tara Lynn

(image from google)

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