Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Internship

I have been an intern for the past six months, I must say it has had it's challenging moments where all I wanted to do was quit and focus on my Masters. However, I know one doesn't not give up on their dreams and always aspire to overcome every obstacle. I had to countless times remind myself of my goals, my vision for my future and that this is the part where success is a man dressed in overalls waiting for you to work for it. I have learnt I cannot I overcome everything but I should not to take myself seriously since it means I will be frustrated within my current environment. That not everything will challenge me at this point but my ability to want, to learn and absorb vital information will be the most important tool I have from varsity.

It would be a lie not to state that my internship has its highlights, moments where I think thank you Lord for this amazing opportunity. In the past six months I have met people whom I never thought I would meet, spoken to Ministers and people whom I look up to. I have spoken to the dynamic leadership of my province as well as my country, met interacted with business people as well as the Diplomatic Corp. I have also learnt I have a responsibility to uphold and uplift my country. I am thankful for this amazing opportunity which is bestowed upon me. I can truly say international relations is my dream, I just need to start adding development work.

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